New Clarinetist learning to tongue.

I have recently started learning how to play clarinet.I am familiar with music notes because I can play another instrument ,but whenever I want to practice tonguing in different notes and play a song ,I either run out of breath or produce a squeak sound. Could this be because I just don’t have enough breath to play this instrument or I need to practice more or use new methods to fix this.
Your question is interesting because there are so many players of varying degrees of competence who share the problem.
I think that the answer is no on both problems, as you ask them.
If you are not planning on anything but to be a fine amateur clarinetist, that is fine, and it is easily done.
There are many different aspects of starting the tone properly with the tongue on the clarinet.
Many of these are fully discussed in my large website. I have spent many hours both learning the craft and thinking about it, and I would suggest that you read through all of these articles.
Reeds themsevles are a basic issue and take a while before you and your embouchure know what you are doing.
Placement of the tongue and releasing the air into the clarinet allowing the reed to vibrate is another, most crucial and not coming immediately but only after considerable practice doing it.
The best general advice I can give you is to always be very judgemental of your playing and especially the way you start and stop the sound on your clarinet.
Listen very carefully and always go by the sound, which ultimately must come immediately and without noise of any kind, but as previously stated takes a bit of time and, in many cases comes easier with a clarinetist for a teacher to help guide you.
After reading as much as you can concerning methods of tonguing, go ahead and try, but you must be self-correcting and that is diffuclt to achieve.
Good luck to you.
Sherman Friedland


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