The Ridenour Barrel

Tom Ridenour has several different sized barrels which are both beautiful in sound, attractive, and quite economical.
What I like very much is the sound which is nothing short of being simply mellow and correct, and very well intune. In addition they are made from hard rubber, a superior material, especially for the barrel of the clarinet, any clarinet.
Because rubber changes so much less in varying temperatures and not at all in size. Just think of your own barrel if you play perhaps 10-12 hours each week in band, orchestra and/or concert band. If I had a nickel for every student who came in for a lesson with a barrel melded to the instrument, I would be a rich man. Or, what about the student who leaves his or her barrel pulled out so that he or she can be reasonably assured that it will not become one with the top joint?
This does not occur with a rubber barrel. And the rubber has an excellent dark sound, and compared to some of the barrels for sale, it is “for free”.
I’m not going into bore measurements or taper. What matters is how the thing plays, and this barrel plays beautifully.
What I like about the appearance is that there are rings around each end that have a kind of antique look, without being made out of costly cocacola wood or whatever it’s called. And, it is dimentionally stable, as I’ve intimated, and exotic wood is not .
Frankly I wish Ridenour would make a whole horn out of this attractive ivory-ringed material, looking better than the copacobana wood, and costing a fraction of the price.

sincerely, Sherman Friedland


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