Full Boehm Clarinet

Dear Professor Friedland

I came across the above listing offered for sale on ebay and was
interested in knowing why this particular LL would have the extra
keys and rings. I understand the advantage to the one extra key but
not the extra rings. Was this a particular model of LL they made? I
had never come across a configuration like this.

Also on the matter of cracks, if you are looking at a used instrument
in general if its a very good horn and the crack has been repaired do
you pass on it? Or in general how risky is it to purchase an
instrument with a repaired crack. I do own a Selmer Alto Clarinet
with this situation, a crack that had been said to have been repaired
when the instrument was fairly new. From the 1920’s or 30’s, has
been overhauled and seems to play well at this time.
Thank you

this particular confuiguration of keys on a clarinet is usually called Full Boehm and has just about every possibly arrangment and amount of keys possible on a boehm instrument. Actually it has usually 23 keys and 7 rings.
There are many players who use this configuration in certain areas of the world. I have found many players from South America play full boehm and also that many players from Italy as well.
It simply allows one to play in different keys on the instrument with less difficulties than with the plain boehm.
There are some who play everything on th one clarinet because with the full boehm configuration there is virtually nothing that is impossibly difficult in principle. Of course, with the extra keys and ring the clarinet may tend to get out of adjustment more easily that the plain boehm, however this is more perception and a reflection of bias than anything else.
The clarinet also tends to be more expensive to purchase as well,though the used market is less so.

Cracks are another story and can always open up and give one difficulty, but in truth they do not, especially if one has the crack repaired properly and during that time of the year when the crack ios as closed as it will be; pinning it then is preferable and must be done in a professional manner.

Stay well and enjoy the holidays,

sincerely, Sherman


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