Leblanc L7 or Classic?

Dear Professor Friedland:
I came across a LeBlanc Classic for sale. We are trying to find a good back up instrument for our daughter who is playing an L7 overhauled in the past 4 years. I was wondering approximately when was the Classic made, what type of instrument was it considered to be. And would she be satisfied playing this instrument when she is used to the L7? The instrument in question probably would need a complete overhaul but has no cracks or any serious issues.
Thank you

What do you mean by back-up clarinet?The Classic made in the late 60s and 70s, but probably duplicated with no specific changes in some subsequent models.
If the L7 has been overhauled, you have the better clarinet.
The Classic is in general a good instrument.Most Paris Leblancs are. Having owned them I will
definitely say the L7 is better, no question. One of my favorites. I had a set of them and admired them quite a bit.The overhaul on the classic will cost a fortune and where will you have it done?
Keep the L7, best,


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