Injury of the lefthand little finger…can one play?

I am 43 years old and injured my left little finger about 6 years ago. I had to give up the guitar since the pressure was causing too much pain. My son started to play the flute, and I became interested in playing the clarinet. I love the sound of the instrument.

I am not sure if I can play this beautiful instrument, knowing that I cannot put too much pressure on my left little finger. I can play the piano, but not when I constantly have to hit the notes with my left little finger.
My question is; does a clarinet-player have to put a lot of pressure on his/hers left little finger?
Looking forward to your reply.
It is an interesting question, and I think the best answer I can possibly give you is that the pressure one would use in left hand little finger on the clarinet can be adjusted to a certain extent, and the left hand little finger can be substituted for the right hand little finger in many cases on the clarinet.
Certainly one does not use this little finger as much as one does with the piano, so I would say that you will certainly be able to play this lovely instrument, but may have to make a few changes, nothing crucial in order to play what you want.
The person who coaches you, your teacher should be appraised of your problem at the beginning of your study of the instrument.
good luck,


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