Always investigate prior to purchase

Hi Sherman
I have a LaMarque clarinet that I got rather cheaply on ebay some time ago. I don’t find much information on this brand. This is a nice instrument with fairly nice sound, needs a complete overhaul probably but plays fairly well. This is a wood instrument. It also says “Paris France” on the brand mark. Can you give any information about this company and relate the quality or lack of of the instruments they made?
Thank you

This is most probably what is known as a “stencil” clarinet, made by some other company and then stamped with a french name, which mostly refers to nothing.
They can be usually any quality except for good or excellent.
One is better advised to inquire prior to purchase.
Wood is not necessarily good or even mediocre, and it can crack.
ABS is better, the Yamaha 20, or 250, or even better than that is the
Lyrique by Tom Ridenour, brand new for under one thousand, and plays as good as any of the three thousand dollar wooden clarinets.
best regards, sherman


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