Playing Jazz on the Clarinet, a question from Japan

Dear Mr. Friedland,

I am writing to you to seek for help and advices again.

As a band student, we some time may encounter some jazz style music, mostly by the Japanese. So I think it would be nice if I could use some jazz techniques.

Firstly, I would like to know how to create that kind of humoring pitches that the music requires. Then, is how to do a proper glissando, do I need to move my jaw inward/outward to do a glissando?

Lastly, I am playing double-lip; do I have to switch to single-lip to play jazz style?

Thank you very much.

Regard, Wu

There was an additional comment asking if Arty Shaw used different fingerings. The viewer had seen him lift his first finger while playing, no not a different fingering.
Hi Wu:
Very important, you do not have to change your embouchure to single lip in order to play in the jazz style. And you simply just continue to do your regular so-called Classical training. Benny Goodman was a classically trained clarinetist. So too were most of the Jazz Artists.
Clarinet technic is very basic, and is the same for all styles of music.

And the best way to learn to play jazz is to listen to jazz recordings of all the jazz clarinetists you can find. Simply copy their playing and their particular stylistic ideas.
Do not change your enbouchure or anything. You must listen all of the time and at first emulate your jazz recordings, and soon you will arrive at your own style.

best wishes,
sherman friedland


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