Paul Hindemith, 6 works for clarinet, or more?

Dear Sherman,
A few words to present myself. I am Jean-Marie Paul, creator of the French “Clarinette Magazine” (1984-1998). I have been working for Vandoren since 1993 to create the “ Espace Partitions Vandoren”, at the demand of musicians. This Sheet Music Center has more than 10.000 scores with clarinet (check ) and more than 5000 scores with saxophone. I also advise the musicians for their concert programs and CDs. I am currently contributing to “The Clarinet” magazine in the USA.

I have been working to a World Repertory of the Clarinet in the last 30 years, which includes out of print scores and scores that are still at the composer’s home. I have collected more than 50.000 works with clarinet (including transcriptions of course). I will publish it ; I still have some in manuscript files when I began, the time to do it….
Meanwhile, I am at the service of musicians, so if your contacts have questions, they can send me a mail:
The reason I write you is that I just read your topic about Hindemith. For fun, I am also listing scores that are lost (because in some cases, we still may hope to recover some…). Concerning Hindemith, you may not know that are at least 6 works with clarinet, from 1913 to 1936, and covering all aspects of chamber music (clarinet ensemble, with piano, with several instruments) ; also arrangements for clarinet and string quintet (marches from different countries, as “Salonmusik”)
And congratulations for your nice website ! Best regards,
Mr. Paul:
Thank you for your letter.
Here are those of Paul Hindemith I have performed , some many times:
1.Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
2.Abendconzert for Violin and Clarinet
3.Quartet, Clarinet, Vln, Cello and Piano
4.Three Pieces for 5 Players, violin, clarinet,Trumpet, double Bass, and Piano
5. Quintet for String Quartet, Bb Clarinet and Eb Clarinet
6. Sextet for Woodwind Quintet and Bass Clarinet
7. Woodwind Quintet
I have performed as I said, all of these many times and have recording of them all, in concert.

Are there others as well?
best regards,
Sherman Friedland


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