Returning to the clarinet after 47 years

Hello, After an absence of 47 years, I have decided to play my b flat clarinet again. I will be playing Christmas carols with a small ensemble of other senior musicians. I have a LeBlanc Sonata which is 3 years old. What brand or kind of mouthpiece would you recommend? I usually use Vandoren reeds 2 1/2. I now have asthma and, of course, my embrochure is weak. I have been practicing daily for 2 months.
P. F.
Congratulations on resuming playing the clarinet after a number of years.
You are playing a good clarinet and I would suggest you investigate the Clark Fobes mouthpieces, which come in all types, however the Debut is very reasonable and an excellent mouthpiece for a person such as your self. It plays easily and makes a good sound. The reeds you are using now would work well, though you may be more satisfied with a Gonzelez reed or Zonda, both of which I find are better than Van Doren in general.


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