Double Lip Embouchure

Dear Sir:
I have trouble with pain in my lower lip and teeth biting . What do you suggest?
Thank you.

I suggest using double lip embouchure, in my opinion,the most beneficial embouchure, especially for solving problems of biting.

Harold Wright, Gino Cioffi, are names of truly gifted musicians of whom I can think quite quickly. Both played principal with the Boston Symphony at different times, of course. They both played double lip.
I first heard Wright with the National Symphony Orchestra and was simply hypnotized by the beauty of his playing. Gino was a teacher of mine and to sit next to him and listen to him play , say Daphnes and Chloe on the A and then the same music on the Bb was thrilling. He took in perhaps the smallest amount of mouthpiece I have ever seen, and when he came over to the US, he came playing with the reed on top….try it on single lip.
Now, these are not proofs of the double lip embouchure and it being the best one, but I feel that after starting many clarinetkids, who naturally cover both lips, and then feeling the difference in their playing, it is my clear opinion.
What the embouchure can do for you is the following:
1,You will cease banging your fingers, because it will hurt your mouth .
2.Your legato will improve immensely from not banging your fiingers.
3.If you bite, you will ache miserably and therefore you will not bite.
4. If you tend to leak air at the sides, you will probably cease this annoying habit. Annoying for you, and for the audience as well.
Depending on your desire to play with this embouchure, you will experience difficulty in playing throat F, and high C. Once you have gotten over these problems, you can decide to continue or go back, easily possible. It is an option, the practice of which has always seemed endlessly beneficial.
Stay well and play well.

Sherman Friedland


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