Problems with pads

dear sherman,

I use a Buffet RC with a grabner AW personal and V12 3,5/4. I’m very happy with my current setup, but now for my question
I have not had any trouble until now with my clarinet (one year after
but recently my clarinet pads were really affecting my playing.
some of the pads are showing a very dark colour and the left hand G sharp
(clarion) actually
had a very thin layer of the pad itself fall off. should I get my clarinet
repadded? I believe the pads I currently have are called gortex (?)pads.

will replacing these bad pads with new ones have any good effect on my sound
should I go for cork pads then?
Hi M:
If the clarinet is leaking, you must replace the pads, and if it is only a year old, the problem probably lies in the fact that you do not swab out the instrument carefully. If you practice for three hours, swab the horn a few times in that time period, and you must make sure that all tone holes are dry when you put the clarinet away. Many players will leave thin papers in the most problemtatic tone hols so as to make sure the clarinet is dry.

Some use the dampit which rests inside the horn and keeps it dry, although there are some who feel that it can somehow retain water. This is not true, however if you leave water in the clarinet, the dampit may indeed fail. Keep your horn dry between sessions.

Thank you for your question concerning pads on your clarinet. If the clarinet is not leaking, there is no reason to change the pads.
However the G# that has lost the top covering needs to be replaced.
The dark color that is seeping into your pads do not harm them as it is just the color of the clarinet that is leaking a bit onto the pads themselves and should cause no great problem.

The business about pads and the material of which they are made causing a change to the quality of sound is somewhat conjecture, but for your information, I use kidd leather pads in the bottom joint of my clarinet and all cork pads in the top joint. Both seem to last and last with no problem, and the quietness of the leather is rather lovely.The cork pads are a real water saver and they are very long lasting as well, however they must be installed carefully, ans must be veveled or else they become noisy. My cork pads are quite good, I feel. To answer your question, cork is not necessarily better, just a harder matrerial.
There is one other pad for you to consider and that is the Valentino Synthetic pad, which are highly recommended by many clarinetists, and they are controversial as well, because of “their sound”. Pads themseves do not emit sound, but in the world of clarinetists there are as many opinions as there are players.
Whomever installs pads should be able to do it properly and that is not everyone. They must be fully experienced and sensitive as well.

Good luck in all your work.
Play well,

Sherman Friedland


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