The Ridenour A Clarinet

Answering a question about the Ridenour clarinet:

I have a Ridenour A Clarinet. It is simply the best A I have ever owned and plays almost as we say, by itself. It makes me remember the old days when people always used to regard the A clarinet as something to avoid, truly, many of us in Boston played everything on one clarinet, a Full Boehm Bb, which made everything possible, better in tune, and while it didn’t teach you to transpose it made it most mandatory and actually simple. Then we were advised to gat an A with less resistance than the B because it seemed so much more resistant, and then when the clarinets became competitive, one company against the other and they started to improve, it was still somewhat of a hassle, the switching to A.
The Ridenour A clarinet is simply totally even in production of sound, intonation, and the ability to play the second movement of the Brahms 4th, or the Cadenza from Peter and the Wolf, with ease, and not feeling like the cat who climbs the tree.
Just call it the Ridenour A. I wonder why his modesty keeps him from calling it that. This is one designer whose name really belongs on his horn, and many others as well.

stay well, all

Sherman Friedland


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