Shall she keep her clarinet, a gift from parents 40 years ago?

Hello Mr. Friedland:
I am trying to do a little research on my clarinet, a LeBlanc Classic II. My parents purchased the clarinet for me brand new in 1976. I played it for about three years – and it has been unused in its case ever since.
In performing a “google search” on the internet – your website popped up. I have really enjoyed reading all of your posts. It sounds like you definitely know all about clarinets!
I was just wondering if you would be able to tell me if a 30 year old LeBlanc Classic II (in almost new condition) has any resale value. I’m trying to decide if I should keep it as a collectible – or if it is considered outdated and not very valuable.
Any information that you can give me would be very much appreciated.
Thanks so much for your time!
That most probably is a very fine clarinet. The fact that you have not played it for many years enhances its value, both as an instrument and intrinsically, for it has never really been “broken in” as they say.
Keeping it as a collectible is OK, you are the best judge of that.
Attempting to derive money from it is quite another and dependent upon the demand for this particular clarinet.
Look on ebay under Leblanc Clarinet and you will see perhaps 50 or so instruments for sale. You can find out it’s approximate value there, however whatever you get may tend to disappoint you.
Caveat Emptor is what these auction sites tell you, but it also means buyer AND seller, beware.

good luck.
sherman friedland


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