Squeaking in the first upper register

I am 19 years old. I have a Buffet B-12 clarinet (3 years old) with original mouthpiece. I have been using Rico Royal 3.5 reeds, sometimes 3s. All of the keys appear to be working normally, though the instrument has been dropped at least once. My problem only beings to appear at a high A (two fingers) and continues until C. Can you help me?
Hello S

Since your mouthpiece is the one that came with the instrument, you may consider getting a better mouthpiece, since those that come with that one are famous for being unplayable, and it could be the reason for the squeaking on only those two or three notes.
Combined with playing Rico reeds could be considered a recipe for strange noises coming from the clarinet.
Although Van Doren reeds are notoriously inconsistent, they are certainly better than what you are playing now.
In addition there are other reeds readily available and I would suggest any of the following, all of which being much more consistent than what you
have been using. They are Zonda Classic, Gonzalez FOF, Rico Grand Concert Thick Blank, (and these reeds are completely different than the normal Rico)
One of the best mouthpieces for playing what you have is the Van Doren M13, or M30, or B45, or 5RV.
Take your instrument with you and you can probably try them at the music store, however I would suggest that you contact either 123 Music, or WWBW, both big music houses dealing through the internet. They are both extremely reliable and they stock everything there is and more. You can order one mouthpiece, try it and then send it back for a complete refund, and all of the reeds listed above are available from them.They are just easy to do busy with.

You can also buy music from Amazon, another big internet dealer, or from Dover, or Schirmer, or any of the others . All have websites from which you can order.
If you are conversant with ebay, look up clarinet music and you will be surprised at the abundance of same.
Hope this helps.
best wishes,
sherman friedland


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