How much more can I do with my clarinet? Age 16

How much more can i do with my clarinet?

I’m 16 and i have been playing my clarinet for 8 years and i have recently completed my grade 7 UNISA practical exams. i also play the alto sax and i have also completed my grade 5 practical exams in it. However im playing my grade 8 in clarinet and my grade 7 in sax practical next year. my question is this, i feel that i can play both instruments very well but what more can i do with them, i have won several awards and things but there always seems to be this emptyness?

In total i can play 16 different instruments but piano sax and clarinet is what i love most and soon im going to start with cello, if possible i would like some info on what i can do with all of this?

Congratulations on all of your many achievements.

What you should do is to concentrate on the piano above all of the others. Than you will really be proficient on the piano since it has the most repertoire and may have more playing opportunities.
Saxophone and Clarinet are better for fun because unless you teach them in school, then you have nothing but to play them and you will find that the competition will be very very strong, and extremely difficult to really master .

Whatever you do, you need a teacher to advise you and to tell you just how well you really play or not.
They will also advise you based upon your talent, something I cannot do for I have not heard you play.

Many a young person says they play everything there is to play, but making some agreeable noise is one thing, professional achievement is something else again.

So, saying you play 16 instruments means nothing, playing at a certain level is quite something else and you need an advisor who has the experience necessary in order to tell you where you are. (In addition you may wish to learn to use grammar and to spell as well, and I say this respectfully).
good luck.



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