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Dear Mr. Friedland,

I would like to say a few words in praise of Tom Ridenour’s clarinets.
About six months ago I bought one of his C clarinets. I was tremendously
impressed by the instrument. It is everything that his publicity claims it to be. You might wonder why an amateur clarinetist would want a C
clarinet. In addition to the obvious use in the orchestra (I don’t transpose music in B-flat to C very rapidly), I use it to play oboe parts
in trios and quintets (there are few oboe players in my region of the world) and any other music written in C. It simply expands playing
opportunities and I’d recommend it to everyone I was so pleased with my C
clarinet that I bought one of Tom’s Arioso B-flat clarinet. It’s even
better than the C. I have for years played Buffet clarinets, both B-flat
and A, and the Arioso clarinet is their equal if not better in some
respects. Tom’s clarinet is characterized by an evenness of blowing and
excellent intonation in all registers. Particularly noteworthy is the
ease of reaching notes in the altiissimo. Much better than my new (2000)
Buffet Festival which is difficult to play in tune up there. It’s hard to
believe but for the price of a new top of the line professional clarinet
(Buffet, Selmer, or Leblanc) you can own a professional quality C
clarinet and a pair of B-flat and A clarinets (with double case) from Tom
Ridenour. They really are excellent clarinets.
I have purchased many clarinet related items from Tom Ridenour and have
never been disappointed. That man really know his stuff. Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinions. Sincerely George
Hello Georg:
I cannot agree with you more, and I’m both pleased to read your comments and
to forward them on to Tom. I simply do not beleve how comprehensive his knowledge is and he is able to make an instrument that is affordable and one that outplays every other instrument.
I’m hoping that more and more players will take the opportunity to try and to play the Arioso, a truly wonderful instrument.
best, sherman



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