Mouthpiece,what is good? Managing reeds on mouthpiece

Dear Mr. Friedland:

I would like to start off with a million thanks to your effort put in to this site, it is really very helpful to us.

My question concerns mouthpiece. And I am a intermediate clarinet player. Sometime ago, I was recommended this mouthpiece called Ralph Morgan by one of my friends. I was told that it could produce a much better tone than my current mouthpieces, the Vadoren B45 and 5RV lyre. So I want to know that is this mouthpiece really good? And what are your recommendations for good mouthpieces to be used with Buffet Prestige and Vandoren 3.5 Reeds that can produce more dark and warm tone?

And another thing is that doesn’t more reed in the mouth (not exaggeratedly) = better tone quality or more range of notes? Is this wrong?
Thank you very much
Thank you for your inquiry and for the compliment. I try to serve all with the knowledge acquired (hopefully) of a long and continuing career.
The mouthpiece you mention is good….IF you like it and it plays well for you,if is easier to find reeds for,if it is intune, and helps you produce the sound that you have in your head, as well as assisting in your articulation.
If all of these things are achieved with the Morgan mouthpiece for you, then you should get one, however keep in mind that each mouthpieces of a particular maker play differently, so be sure that the best one for you is the one you buy. In a few words, you have to like it, and it has to make you sound better.

As to the amount of reed in the mouth, this is a very tricky issue. It can be true that more depth of tone is possible, but if you take more mouthpiece into your mouth in order to get more reed in, you may make the serious error of too much, and you will be quite sharp and also squeak considerably.

If you take more lower lip with reed into your mouth, the same is true and you need not experience any kind of discomfort.

However this issue is very personal and there are many personal factors involved.

I hope I have been of some help.

best wishes, sincerely,


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