In need of clarification and guidance

Dear Mr. Friedland;

I have taken much time reading your articles on clarinets, mouthpieces, reeds, embouchure, etc. I think I am now totally confused and on information overload. I am purchasing a clarinet for my 12 year old daughter, who is starting her second year of playing. I want a good instrument but cannot afford the high priced ones. To this end I plan on ordering the clarinet that you seem to be very happy with. Does this come with a good mouthpiece or should I purchase a different one? I have read your articles, you recommend several different mouthpieces depending on…….. but I still do not know which one would be best for her age and ability. One (or two) choices at the most would be helpful. Also, ligature and reeds? Since she enjoys playing and seems to be sticking with it, I plan on getting her private lessons. I would also like to know how to find a good teacher? Thank you so much for all the information that you have made available to us.

I am sorry for any information overload, but pleased that you have experienced erudition from reading Clarinet Corner.
It is almost impossible to be very specific regardiing age or musical sensitivity a child may have and then recommend as well.
Living in Southen Ontario as I do, I cannot give you specifics on how to get a teacher, however I would suggest that you call the closest University having a Music Department. I am sure they will be able to advise a private teacher for your daughter.
And the private teacher will have suggestions as to mouthpiece and even instrument as well. He will base these recommendations upon visiting with your daughter at their first session.
Yes, I can recommend the instrument and am happy with it, however your new teacher may have a suggestion which he considers to be advantageous for your daughter and it is his suggestion that you should take.
There are other instruments that offer quality without the hideous and useless expense of a high priced instrument.
Let your private teacher make all of these recommendations, and “go” with his suggestions.
Ligature is inconsequential at the beginning. Mouthpiece is and I would suggest the Fobes Debut, which plays well and is very economical.
Perhaps a better reed than normal Rico, perhaps the GC Rico which is more consistant.
But again, take the recommendations of her new teacher.

Best regards,
sherman friedland


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