Projection of the Arioso in a large group

A question for Sherman Friedland: I’ve read a lot about the “sweetness”
of the sound of the Arioso clarinet and am wondering if this comes at the
expense of the ability of the instrument to project through a large group.
Do you have an opinion on this?

Well,I do have an opinion concerning this business of projection in a large group of the Arioso Clarinet.
First and foremost, my opinion is that it will uqual to the finest wooden clarnet available, or less emotionally, why wouldn’t the projection be equal to any clarinet?
Here are the variables of which I can think in rendering an opinion:

1. The maturity of the player, his experience performing in the particular ensemble.
2. The kind of mouthpiece, not the make, but the balance and the dimensions of the mouthpiece. For instance, an unbalanced mouthpiece will not project as well.
3. The ability of the performer to balance his or her reeds.
4.The maturity and the kind of ensemble:
a:orchestra, b. band c. combined orchestra solists and choir.
d. Composer.
e.Professional ensemble, or student ensemble.
These are just a few of the variables.
But the most complete opinion that I can render is that the projection should be no worse, but probably better than the average wooden clarinet.
This is because the acoustic is more balanced and more even on the rubber instrument, the Arioso.
Good luck in all your work.


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