A Comment on my comments on Legere

Mr. Friedland, you have had a number of less than positive comments about Legere reeds. I have never requested a refund, but I have successfully exchanged them until I found the strength I prefer, a #3. You also seem to dismiss the Legere reed as being only a “plastic” reed. I don’t really care, as I have been complimented on my tone when using a Legere reed, and I find them more much more playable and reliable than the usual cane reed or other synthetic reeds. I can buy a Legere #3 and know what I am buying. Good luck in finding even one decent cane reed in a whole box. A Legere reed may or may not be as good as the best cane reed, but I sure like them.

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You are most certainly entitled to your opinion and it is certainly respected.
I do think however that the material is plastic.
I find many reeds that are playable in each box of cane reeds I purchase, really many. The reeds have changed very much in the past few years, the import of cane from Argentina and Australia being most important in this change.
There are also reeds from Valencia in Spain and they are excellent as well.
Legere frequently get tubby very quickly, cane,if treated well, last much longer.
I tried Legere for six months and my writings about them are my conclusions after this much time, and many years as a professional clarinetist.
I am glad you have good comments on your tone.
Good luck in all your work.

sherman friedland


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