Reeds are non-returnable. But is it a reed?

Dear Sherman,
just an advice from your big experience. I’m very open to anything new
about the clarinet, so recently I bought a couple of Legere reeds, which are covered by a guarantee for refund in case of nonsatisfaction. Well, I decided to use that guarantee and sent a couple of messages there, but they ignored me.
My question is: what are the best ways to buy for what refers to
clarinet? Is it advisable not to buy, say, from small firms? Or are there special firms clarinetists tend to buy from due to their correctness?
Perhaps my question is a bit outside the current categories, but I
believe that much people would be interested to your reply.
Thanks for your advice. Regards.
Hi: Thanks for your note. It does bear repeating and discussing. For me, that Legere guarantee is the plastic in which the reed comes and that is all.
If you buy a Legere and expect your money back you are asking for something that does not exist. They never refund, at least in my experience.
Interestingly enough you bring up an interesting point.
Speaking about where to buy, I would say buy from the bigger companies, the big ones on line. You have the biggest leeway for a return with these places and I can tell you that they are very efficient and honest.
But, back to reeds, there is no return on reeds, an interesting point to note.
There is a better selection of reeds from the bigger companies and more in stock,and they are priced more reasonably and they have attractive sales, but nobody gives you money back for a returned reed, nobody.
There are so many kinds of cane reeds available and they are so improved that I see no reason whatsoever for purchasing a plastic reed.
It is like buying a kazoo that plays forever….you need this?
As clarinetists all we talk about is the beautiful sound that a clarinet can make, the emotion it can impart. The most subtle thing you can put on your clarinet is the reed….well after the mouthpiece, and that is a whole other article and question.
stay well and play well.


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