The Lyons C Clarinet, Recommended highly for young and not so young.

Dear Mr. Friedland,
I have appreciated very much your replies so full of experience and good
sense, so I ask your advice for my problem.
I studied clarinet for 3 years about 50 year ago (I’m now 67) and have
decided to start again at my age: it seems it’s never too late and just want to see if that is really true…
My first idea was to buy a Eb clarinet, but it seems very difficult to playit and in any case not the best thing for a beginner, so I bought a YCL 250 but it’s too heavy for me now. I read about a Lyons C Clarinet, which should weigh less than one third of the weight of a standard instrument,> but has no additiona keys. Is its tone good enough to have pleasure in playing it, or is it just a poor clarinet for beginner? And in the latte case, what do you advice me to buy?
Many thanks for your time. Paolo
———————————————————————-Hi Paolo:
Thanks for your note.
Considering all of the information you have given me, I will suggest very strongly that you invest in the Lyons C clarinet which will allow you to play anything at all and is an instrument that comes complete with a good mouthpiece and a very strong case, and is easy and inexpensive to repair.
I received one while I was ill, with my leg in a cast and I found this instrument to play and sould very well indeed.
That it is pitched in the key of C makes is compatible with any music
written for flute, or obow or voice and of course, piano. It is an excellent instrument.
good luck to regards,

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