The VD 5rv is OK, but Richard Hawkins has a better idea

I currently play on a Selmer Centered Tone Bb clarinet which I purchased new in 1958 when I was in the USMC First Division Band. I guess I wanted to emulate Benny Goodman (still my musical “hero”). I more recently purchased a Selmer Centered Tone A clarinet, to have somewhat of a matched pair. Both are in excellent shape, though I would like to turn them over to the hands of a expert repair-reconditioning guy. I’ve tried various mouthpieces, but I keep coming back to the VanDoren 5 RV Lyre. Do you have any suggestions as to another mouthpiece I might consider for these instruments?
As far as mouthpiece is concerned, I will recommend the  Richard Hawkins of  Oberlin College and the Cleveland Orchestra.He has designed mouthpiece for many fine professional and orchestral players. The two facings he makes are S and R, the R being the latest. I have both facings and one he refaced for me, a G. Smith.  I recommend him highly.

Best , Sherman


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