The Lyons C Clarinet/ a singular instrument

Dear Mr. Friedland,
I have appreciated very much your replies so full of experience and goodsense, so I ask your advice for my problem.
I studied clarinet for 3 years about 50 year ago (I’m now 67) and have
decided to start again at my age: it seems it’s never too late and I justwant to see if that is really true…
My first idea was to buy a Eb clarinet, but it seems very difficult to playit and in any case not the best thing for a beginner, so I bought a YCL 250 but it’s too heavy for me now. I read about a Lyons C Clarinet, which should weigh less than one third of the weight of a standard instrument,but has no additiona keys. Is its tone good enough to have pleasure in playing it, or is it just a poor clarinet for beginner? And in the latter case, what do you advice me to buy?
Many thanks for your time. Paolo———————————————————————————————————
When I was laid up in a cast after having ruptured my quadriceps, I was asked a question from a clarinetist concerning the Lyons C clarinet. Since I knew nothing, I wrote to Mr Lyons about his instrument. He was kind enough to send me one, and I can only tell you that playing that instrument was absolutely inspirational. It uses the same fingerings as the regular boehm clarinet however everything else is completely different. The key system is one wherein virtually each piece is replacable by the owner, and very inexpensively. The price list for replacements is also remarkable.
All parts are of plastic and can be easily replaced on this clarinet which comes with a beautifullly playing mouthpiece and is delivered in an indestructable cylindrical case. There were several reeds and the mouthpiece is an Eb mouthpiece, or close to it. It played beautifully, with a rich sound and beautiful responce. I cannot say enough of how well it impressed me. Because it is built in the key of C makes it playable with almost any group and of playing any part written in the key of C. It think it was designed for students so that they could play in ensembles wherein they would not have to transpose.
Really, this clarinet played beautifully, and I would think that if you desire a light instrument there is nothing like it on the market today. I believe that it won “best design” prize recently . I cannot recommend this clarinet enough, costing well under 200 dollars, it is simply a singular instrument and an even better buy.
Good luck and best wishes,
sherman friedland

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