Leblanc Rapsodie/Yamaha 450N/ Which do you prefer?

Hello, I am an adult beginner playing a YCL-450N for about a month now. I have a question about the Yamaha C4 mouthpiece. This is the mouthpiece that came with the clarinet and I would like to know if this mouthpiece is suitable for learning or should I get a better one? I’m using Rico #2 reeds.
Hello and thank you for writing in. The mouthpiece you received with your
450 clarinet, the 4C is a very good mouthpiece for learning, however they
vary enormously, mouthpiece to mouthpiece, so it is diffciult to be
specific.I recommend using a different reed than Rico because they are simply too thin and do not last.Buy French cut reeds, harder
to select and less consistent but better sounding and longer lasting, and eally better for embouchure developement.
best regards,
Speaking of the excellent Yamaha 450 clarinet, beautifully finished and with a very strong and neat looking case, I can only compare it with a Leblanc Rapsodie recently part of my horde. This Leblanc was one of the more carefully and beautifully finished instruments I have purchased, with a great stout case, the reason for mention is that the two instruments play quite similarly. I suggested recently to a young student that he buy a 450 instead of negotiating a 3000 dollar loan for the purchase of an R13. He did, and his father was quite pleased, even thanked me. The student likes the clarinet .
Now the resistance and general characteristics of each of the instruments are quite similar. Both were initially more resistant which opened up as they got played and I think they are similarly priced. Both good loooking grenadilla wood,small bore and highly recommended by me at the very least.

Play well and stay well.



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