Benjamin Guttierrez,composer, Costa Rica

Dear Professor Friedland,
I am a swiss-costarrican clarinetist, studdied at the Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Costa Rica, at the University of Costa Rica and at the Hochschule f�r Musik in Munich. Now I live in Brasil where I am principal clarinetist at the Orchestra Sinfonica de Ribeir�o Preto (SP) since 1994.
I am doing a study work for the University of Costa Rica about the clarinet compositions of costarrican composer Benjamin Gutierrez who dedicated his clarinet sonata to you in 1959.
May I ask you some questions about this subject?
Thanks in advanced and best regards,
Thanks for your answer! Benjamin is doing well and he will be happy to know I contacted you. I will write him in the next days.
I would like to know about when and how did you met Benjamin. What do you remember about the motivations and process of writing the piece? Do you remember some anecdote about your student time with Benjamin?Do you also the Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra composed by Mr. Guttierez? KH

Krista: I knew Benjamin very well at the New England Conservatory of Music, well enough to share many good experiences of all kinds, many coffees and many friends; it was a happy time.
He did not speak English very well, and used to tell a joke concerning his knowing only one thing to order for any meal. Speghetti. Finally he learned how to say “Ham and Eggs”. When he asked for them , they asked how we wanted the eggs cooked? Not knowing, he simply gave his stock answer, “Spaghetti”.
He was an ebullient and happy personality, enormously gifted.
I played the first performance of his concerto for clarinet and orchestra at the Manhattan School of Music , with their orchestra soon after the Friedland Sonata, or perhaps it was before, but I remember the performance. As I remember it was not as good a piece as was the Sonata.
His motivation for composition seemed always to be his deep talent, and his gregarious nature. He loved women to be sure, and I remember specific things as well, all with joy.
I tried to get in touch with him several years ago, to no avail. If you do see him, tell him that I remember him quite fondly and I am playing and will be playing La Quatour de La Fine du Temps, by Olivier Messiaen on July 2.
Have you played that work?

Best regards, sherman friedland


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