A student needs to buy an A clarinet

“A” Clarinet.
I would like to purchase an “A” Clarinet for the occasional “A” parts that show up on my stand.
I play in a small church orchestra.
I currently have an R-13 Bb and don’t have $2500+ for a matching “A”.
I don’t plan to play the Mozart Clarinet Concerto on it, so it doesn’t have to be a professional one.
What brands / models would you recommend?
I would even consider a well-made plastic one, it if played in tune.
——————————————————————-The best A clarinet you can get for your money is the Allora A clarinet, the same as the Arioso, hard rubber, designed by the premier clarinet designer in the business Tom Ridenour.
Really this horn made of hard rubber is beautifully intune and plays as good as any R13 I have ever heard. This is a tip, and you should take it. it is 599, new at either 123 or WWBW, including shipping I believe. 45 day return, full refund.
Really, this is the horn/ I would grab it! I have!
best wishes,
sherman friedland


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