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Hello. I am a 15-year old sophomore and have been playing the clarinet for 6 years. I had been playing on a beginner plastic clarinet and just recently got a wooden one – a used Selmer Soloist. I have been having a lot of problems with getting the high notes in the upper register out – like the note wants to come out, but it doesn’t and all I get is a weird noise. Some days these notes come out fine and other days, they don’t. It seems to get better sometimes when the instrument warms up, but not always. I usually use size 3 Rico Royal reeds. I have Van Doren reeds, but they seem harder to play than the Rico Royal. I have a Van Doren 5RV 13 mouthpiece. My music teacher suggested a thicker reed – maybe 3 ˝. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much for your help – I really appreciate it!!
Dear S:
I would certainly follow my teachers suggestions if I were you.
I would imagine that your reed is really not hard enough for that particular mouthpiece. The Rico reed is a reed that plays well only for a little while and then seems to collapse.
At that point you could start doing something unnatural to get the sound out and could be biting causing the reed not to vibrate at all. A stiffer reed may help. and the Van Dorens ,if they are harder to play may be the help you need.
All reeds have to be gotten used to, and after getting used to Van Dorens, may be much better for you.
best regards,
stay well and play well
sherman friedland


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