Mouthpieces/ frenzy, or deliberation, Keep cool, Jack

Hi everyone:
Just a note which may get very long concerning mouthpieces, having to do with students and myself, a perennial student.
I never cease to learn about this instrument and the many new things one learns as one progress toward, god-only knows-what.

I have purchased several of the so-called hand made mouthpieces using Zinner blanks, and they are expensive and are signed by the makers with all kinds of arcane signatures and initials, numbered by hand, fashioned by hand and costing hundreds of dollars, and please excuse me and pardon my youth (I am 72), but I think they are all a bunch of ….well, opinions, and what you decide is your opinion.

Given good intonation on your particular inmstrument with the three-hundred-bucker, where do you go? You go to reeds, and you find a reed which plays well. Then you cannot play the articulated simple passage in the Beethoven 5th because it won’t repeat perfectly, and you try another reed, which may or may not solve the problem.

Then after several hours doing all kinds of things, mostly reed trying, you go back to your old mouthpiece, and BINGO, it plays the Beethoven, it also plays the Mendelssohn and the Peter and The Wolf Cadenza and everything else that the new zinner-blank, baby, does not play.
Then, if you are really youthful, you send it back to the maker and he will fix it for you for nothing, and will send it back to you. And you go through the whole thing again.
You cannot play the old new mouthpiece because the maker, the “mouthpiece craftsman” if you will, has refaced it, so what do you compare it with?
A place on Long Island always comes to my mind at this point. It is called The Van Doren Nursing Home, and it is purple and yellow, the same color as the old box of VDs used to be.
This is where you go, friend, because no one else will take you.
I have abandoned the new ones and gone back to my lovley old and beautiful …..and I will not mention the name, to protect the innocent.
Keep cool, .


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