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Subject: Clarinet Corner Query: which mouthpiece is best for me?

My name is CM, and I have been playing a Buffet B12 (with the cheap mouthpiece that came with it) for four years. I am now in the eighth grade, and before I started taking private lessons, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my Rico size 2 reeds and no-name brand mpc.I have since then switched to Van Doren 2 1/2 size reeds, my former instructor suggested that I get a VanDoren B45 mpc. When I went to my music store, and looked in the catalog, I noticed that there were three kinds: the B45, the B45 Profile88, and the B45 lyre. Please help me understand the difference beetween these mouthpieces, and which one is best for me.

Hi C: The profile 88 means that it is part of the series of narrower beaked mouthpieces made by Van Doren.
B45 is the standard clarinet mouthpiece, however it is an old facing and you may like an M13 better, the lyre after any of these mean that the mouthpiece is a little more open, meaning for you that you may be able to play a slightly softer reed, and you may find articulation less difficult. The opposite may be true for a “close” mouthpiece. Medium is the best, for any extreme will demand the same extremes of the player. Ultimately the choice will be yours, however “medium” is a good word to remember.
Hope this helps. You are on the right rack.
best for the new year.


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