the little clip that holds the long b down?

Mr. Friedland:

I am looking for the little spring-loaded clip which is inserted in the upper end of the lower section of the Bb clarinet to hold down the B key when putting the horn in the case. I believe it is manufactured by Buffet.

Are there any suppliers in the states which sell them?
———————————————————————-Yes, I know of what you speak and it comes with all Buffet instruments. Many of my students have them, however I do not know where to buy one but I can tell you that a rubber band will do as much or better depending upon the tension you exert.
Mr. Friedland:
Thanks for your response. A simple suggestion, but a good one. I once had two of those clips, one for each of my horns. Now my other horn won’t feel neglected.
I enjoy your web site. Keep up the good work!


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