Starting “Double Lip” (Do it!)

Hello Mr. Friedland,

I have been playing the clarinet for years and would like to switch to double lip embouchure. When I try to tongue in the middle register the clarinet shakes and I cannot support it properly.

What am I doing wrong?

With thanks,A
—————————————————————–Hello A:
Double lip can be difficult for some people and is time consuming in the process..
Really, I would have to see all of your embouchure to be of some help/
Remember to take in the smallest amount of lip(s) that you can. The clarinet will at first tend to slip. Stay away from throat f and high c, which will have no support at all.
If you keep at it, you will start to tongue much more accurately, you will stop banging your fingers and generally will sound much better, however not in a minute.
Practice for only a few minutes each time and work up to half an hour over the period of a week or even a month, keep the range small.
Take in a small amount of mouthpiece. I studied with Gino Cioffi, Principal of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and he played double lip. I have never seen anyone take any less mouthpiece than he, and he had arguably the most beautiful sound in the business at that time, except perhaps for Harold Wright, who incidentally also played double lip. He succeeded Gino in the Boston Symphony.
The emnbouchure is actually both therpeutic and self-instructional.
It disallows all bad habits, and will leave you in a pool of blood if you bite or if you bang your fingers,or take in too much mouthpiece. It is the best embouchure and the most natural….and you can do it.
stay well, Sherman (use a slightly softer reed)


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