Pomarico, a small crystal apple

Dear Mr. Friedland,

Thank you for your quick response about the double lip embouchure. I will try to practise as you advise. I would also like to ask your opinion of pomarico crystal mouthpieces. I recently bought an emerald b pomarico crystal and I am not sure. It resonates well on some reeds and not on others. What do you think about the pomarico mouthpieces and crystal in general.

With thanks again,
Hi again:
Here is my story on Pomarico.
The mouthpiece was also called GG years ago because there was a Pomarico brother living in Rio and another in Italy. The GG was imported by Guigui Efrain quite a wonderful player with whom I was friends in Boston in the 50-60s.
So I had a -1 facing and it was the greatest mouthpiece I have ever played before or perhaps since, except for my Hawkins, which may even be better and is not glass, (an attractive look but it will break when dropped)…not bad, just a chip off the tip, if you know what I mean.RUINATION
The Pomarico in Italy is I believe the originator of all of these emrald things, and I do not hear great things about them, chiefly from a former student and wonderful friend who is Professor of Clarinet at the Univ of Miami, in Oxford, Ohio.
So, I cannot attest to the excellence of Pomarico. If you are looking for a fine mellow, rather lovely mouthpiece, look in your browser for Richard Hawkins.
His are really “from the heart” And I still insist I am not a mouthpiece “freak”.
Stay well, my friend,


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