A ‘Good’ Sound………………………………?

Dear Professor Friedland:
I’ve been playing the clarinet for only 3 years in my school music program, and concert band. My teacher constantly remarks how he wants us to strive for a ‘good’ sound like him. A deep, dark rich sound. Unfortunately, I can’t achieve it, and in his opinion have a ‘happy sound’. The only thing is: the two people he remarks, who have this deep sound, are himself and a friend of mine, but when I hear them… I always hear ALL the air leaking through the corners of their mouth. Is this the ‘proper’ way? Because… well I prefere a crisp, clear sound, rather than the sound of someone seemingly sucking through a straw. So how does one make this dark, rich sound? and does it really need to be airy?

Thanks for your time,


——————————————————————–Dear Friend:
No, air leaking has nothing to do with the sound, but is either a problem the player has or a bad habit, sometimes both. I always urge any student to remove any air leaking from his mouth when playing. It is a distraction.
That these two people have air leaking is of no matter to their “sound”
If you do not like the quality, certainly do not try to copy it.
Sound should be clear, after a while you will develop ways to ennace it. The words, “dark” and “rich” are only words, which can have many meanings
good luck, sherman—–


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