The Leblanc L7, shall she buy new, or overhaul?

Hi Sherman!

I’m glad you’re here to answer questions. I have played a Leblanc L7 since I was a kid. I wanted to know which model Leblanc makes today that is equivalent to the L7. I am trying to decide whether or not to save my pennies and buy a new instrument or save fewer pennies and have my instrument reconditioned. I love my L7 and have really never considered playing any other clarinet. I have even told my children if they want to play an instrument in the band, I will buy them one. They cannot have mine.
Thanks for your website. I have found it an invaluable source of
Sincerely, L
There is no model made by Leblanc of any other company that compares to the L7, not in my understanding.
These “L” clarinets were simply the best playing clarinets, even recent models. There was a comfort to all apsects of the clarinet. Tuning was problem-free, the keys were made and set beautifully and the instrument was able to impart to me a really welcoming ambience.
This of course goes right up the present Opus II and The Concerto, and all others of this issue.
It is noteworthy and interesting to all clarinetists, that the two most celebrated clarinetists in the US play Leblanc clarinets: Eddie Daniels and Larry Combs.
I do not believe that they play them for any other reason than those of a musical nature.
There are three major brands of instruments sold in the US today, Selmer and Leblanc are the only two which are made to be inherently intune.
That completes my list.
Have your horn overhauled. If you need the name of a good repairperson who is truly expert and honorable. Please write again.
In the meantime I will ask his permission.
Best of good sounds/


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