Buzzing, buzzing, where, where?


I am currently thinking of changing my clarinet pads to upper-joint cork and lower joint Straubringer pads. Is this advisable? The reason for my action is because I am very irritated by the constant buzzing sound that my pad makes when I play “Line E” and the pad for D vibrates as the air passes through it.

Secondly, I’m wondering why there’s a very audible buzzing sound when I play Middle B below tuning note. It doesn’t happen with the tuning note. Only when all the keys are closed that it happens.

For your information, I am using a Leblanc Concerto II, Eddie Daniels Mouthpiece, ED ligature and V12 reeds.

Please advice and thanks for your time.

With musical regards.

Impossible to say anything without seeing and hearing you play.
Vibrating pads can be the cause of the “buzz” and this can be repaired in several ways, but again I would have to look at your clarinet.
There are many repair people out there but very few who know how to replace a pad perfectly.
Changing pads may or may not fix the problem depending upon who does the work and the quality of both the product and of the repair.
During the past six months I have had several clarinets overhauled and I am not happy with the seating of the pads, just not perfect.
In this part of the world, excluding NY, the only place I know that pads are done to perfection is in Twigg Music in Montreal.
Perhaps there are other places, but I am not aware of them.
I use kid leather in the bottom joint and cork in the upper joint, and right now they are perfect. I just read an interesting article by Clark Fobes who talks about replacing pads. It is excellent. It is located on the Jazz Clarinet part of Woodwind. There is also another excellent repairperson in North Carolina. , His name is Donald Hinson. He is excellent.
best of good fortune in all of your clarindeavors.
sherman friedland
Crane School of Music
SUNY Potsdam


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