Leblanc Symphony,Sonata, and HS* and HS mouthpieces

Mr Friedland,
I wanted to thank you for your advice regarding my old Leblanc symphony full boehm clarinet. I managed to get it more or less in adjustment, but it is still temperamental. I recently purchased a Leblanc Sonata on the Internet, which, after repairs, seems very nice. It speaks easily with a pleasant full tone, so I think I will use it as my principle instrument and save the old symphony for pleasant experimentation.I also have a new question. I have been using a Selmer HS* mouthpiece. It is the same one I used in my youth and I am quite use to it. I recently bought another Selmer HS mouthpiece on the Internet thinking I was getting a backup HS*. However, this mouthpiece seem to be different My original mouth piece is marked HS* in a circle on the table. The one I bought is
marked HS with no * on the back near the tenon. I looked it up on the Selmer site but could not find any information. Do you know anything about this model. I have not played it much as I did not want to get into the confusion that can happen to me if I jump from one mouthpiece to another.
Thank you again for sharing you wealth of knowledge.
> Hi John: How are you? The two are different mouthpieces though related. I
believe that the HS* is the prime mouthpiece and the HS is either more open
or more closed. I would imagine that the best for you would be to play the
one you like and not use the other. That is the rule of thumb. Constantly
trying slightly different mouthpieces can cause slight dizziness, if not
actually then certainly through inference.
Glad things are well. Good luck with the Sonata. They are nice. I had one,
then sold it.
sincerely, sherman


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