Is there more Prestige in a Concerto II? Not likely


I was thinking of getting a Leblanc Concerto II clarinet next month. Do you have any take on my decision. I was using a school’s Prestige before I decided to buy my own.

Concerning your thoughts of changing from a Prestige to a Concerto II, that is sort of like changing one orange for another. The two are both fine instruments, but the Concerto II will not make you sound like Eddie Daniels no more than the Prestige will not make you sound like Harold Wright.Ask your private instructor if they are a clarinetist, if not shop by price, and get something soon, for we are approaching what I call crack season. I prefer purchasing instruments in the spring. Avoiding severe temperature change will give your wooden instrument a better chance. I see many students, all of whose barrels are practically glued to the first joint, a sign to me of some kind of lack of care somewhere along the line. A new instrument is worse than a new car, you must break it in….properly.
best wishes, sherman


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