Repairing a Buescher Mazzeo Clarinet

Dear Sherman,
I am in the process of repairing a Buescher Mazzeo Clarinet.
I know that the mechanism is there to improve the mid Bb but I understand that there are alternate fingerings that can be used. In my trawl through the web, you seem to be the only one I can find with any knowledge of these.
Are you able to help or point me to a site that could help please.
Thank you for your time

The basic Mazzeo fingering is for Bb, the so-called throat Bb.
Any combination of fingers of the left or right hand open the a spatule and the third trill key which produces the Bb.
Naturally then, all one need do is to finger the note following the Bb and the a spatule and the third trill key will open giving you the Bb, the best one possible on the clarinet. There are 309 different ways of playing this Bb.
The only drawback is that one may not leave any fingers down because it will produce the a and nothing else.
Unfortunately most clarinetists leave fingers down because of facility or because they wish to temper certain notes. I hope this helps.

good luck, s


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