Caveat Emptor/How to establish value of and sell a clarinet/

I have been unable to play my Noblet Model 27 clarinet for many years and have, sadly, decided to sell it. Do you know of any resource or reference on clarinets that would give me an idea of the value of this instrument?

Thank you for any help.

No, none. I could but would have to have at least photos of it.
In any event, the worth is not great.
E Bay is a good place to look under Leblanc Clarinets in Musical Instruments because I would imagine you could find similar instrument there and also see what they are asking and receiving.

This is not an adverstisement, however the internet is a wonderful place to establish worth of any instrument and also value.

One must remember that the only person who can tell you what your instrument will bring is the buyer. Whether this buyer is a seller of clarinets or instruments or a private person the worth of any instrument will vary. If a seller buys the horn, they will offer the lowest possible price because they are buying it to resell. If it is a player, they will offer almost any price if they have a need for your instrument.

Determining the quality of a used clarinet is the most chancy aspect of it all, for again this is difficult to determine. Sometimes an instrument can state “recently overhauled” or “cleaned” and literally can mean nothing. Pads can be put in by almost anyone, but the proper placement requires real knowledge. Sometimes a really good instrument can be out of adjustment and can be rejected by the buyer out of ignorance.

I receive so many letters concerning buying and selling , letters which are difficult to answer without photos or serial numbers at the very least, so I refer these requests to the internet because there is the place that you can comparison shop, and incidentally find some terrific instruments, really great ones, and alas some really bad instruments as well.

Some companies had good serial numbers, other had terrible numbers, that is to say, meaningless. The Leblanc Company has made some of the prettiest sounding instrumentn of any but their serial numbers are a shambles and now the company has been sold.

Of course models have a good deal to do with the equation, and key configurations as well. There are collectors out there who might place a tremendous value on your clarinet if it happens to be a certain kind or series or configuration. The opposite is also true.

The field therefore is wide open and there are no straight unequivocal answers, however a playing field does exist and it is on the internet.

Good luck.


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