For(and from) a retired professor, a special bonus!

This is one of the most gratifying responses I have ever received from a writer,(colleague). It has to do with the fact that he a retired Music Professor who had had the misfortune of contracting mouth cancer.
He subsequently had 64 radiation treatments and has returned to playing the clarinet.
He had been having difficulty with reeds and I suggested that he try the Legere synthetic.

Here is his response:

“I wanted to tell you that, as a result of reading one of your pieces, I bought several Legere reeds. The #3 works fine for me. BUT THERES A BONUS! You may recall that I had to have radiation on my mouth for cancer. That procedure removed most of my ability to salivate. Among many other deleterious effects, keeping a moist mouth and reed for the clarinet is almost impossible. (I drink gallons of water) But the Legere NEEDS NO MOISTURE? WHAT A BONUS! Thank you again!”

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