Did I find the right mouthpiece?

HI, Sherman i was reading one of your comments about a great GG-1 mouthpiece and i was highly intrested because I myself was looking for a Crystal mp as the one you described, well I found one saying GG+1 but i was told it was done in italy..what do you think???…i have some pictures if you seem intrested.THANKS.. Peter
Of course, I am interested and yes, you have found the right mouthpiece. This may have been made in Italy as it says, however the importer, an old frind, Guigui Efrain from Argentine where one of the Pomarico Brothers lived. Pomarico was the maker.
The other brother lived in Italy, hence the divergence in provenance.
There are two facts worth noting about mouthpieces,: 1, is that no two mouthpieces are the same, especially if they are handmade, and 2:, is that mine was a -1, not a +1, also not terribly important, however the final answer to your question is a question rather than an answer.
Does the mouthpiece play for you?
If it does, guard it carefully….if not send it here and I will evaluate should you so desire. There are very many variables from mouthpiece to mouthpiece. While I really enjoyed that GG, it was repalcable as they all are.
For instance I am currently trying a Hawkins and a Smith(K). Both are “better” products,however they are not perfect and each has strong and weak points.
The mouthpiece I am actually playing these days is a Van Doren M13, in my opinion one of the finest thay have made.
Is it perfect?…..stay tuned.

With mouthpiece, ligatured, reeds and all the rest, keep an open mind.

best wishes in all of your work.


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