Mazzeo Clarinet,: do not take the gizmo off


Is there documentation somewhere about all of the alternate fingerings
that available on the Mazzeo system clarinet? I played a Mazzeo from
junior high through college without really knowing what I had – I just
knew it was different. Now, 30 years later, my daughter is playing the
same horn in high school and doing quite well. However, her teacher is
wanting me to have a shop dismantle the gizmo at the top that is
preventing her from doing a standard B-C# trill. I, of course, am
refusing because I’m sure there is a proper way to do it on a Mazzeo
system. Your help with this specfic problem would be appreciated, s well
as any information about all the things that are different on a Mazzeo.

The gizmo at the top of the horn does not need to be dismantled, but I will
tell you that the trill you mentioned, B-C#, (if these are the written notes
for the clarinet part) are impossible to play accurately on any clarinet in
any octave. Either that I need further clarification or her teacher wants the mazzeo-system disconnected for another reason.
If the trill is below the staff the only was to play it is while holding the middle finger on b, by trilling the C# key, which works but is not intune,
(unless you have an articulated c#-g#, which you do not)
An octave up, it is even more of a false trill, you hold the b down while
trilling the c#.
By false I mean that if the notes being trilled were played slowly they
would be out-of-tune.
I am a player of these clarinets for more than 30 years, so I know. It is an
instrument that was not widely accepted the clarinet community.
So, in addition I will send you a fingering chart concerning the instrument
by emil. (if anyone needs a finger chart, write to me)
Good luck,
“ilegitimi carborundum”



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