They keep coming back, the innovators

“I recently picked up a used clarinet and can’t seem to find much, if any, information on it. I came across your website in my search and would really appreciate anything you can tell me about it! Here’s what I can tell you:
It came in a brown case marked PARIS, FRANCE LEBLANC KENOSHA, WISCONSIN.The inside is crushed red velvet. The clarinet itself has a number of markings. Two of the pieces have a small gold emblem inset in the wood which has an S in the middle surrounded by Wm H Stubbins. The mouthpiece is marked Noblet Paris France 2V. It has a silver metalcover. Also two of the pieces have a serial number 19365C.That’sabout all I know about this lovely instrument! Thanks for taking the
time to share your knowledge and educate amateurs like me!”
———————————————————————-These kind of rare but not considered with much import. William stubbins was a professor of music,(Michigan) clarinet, and an author and an inventor who developed a mechanism to clear up the throat Bb of the clarinet, which worked and didn’t. It was licensed by Leblanc and a limited number of instruments were made, but the instrument never did take hold ,so-to-speak.
Curiously,as I have heard,it was not a top-of-the-line production of Leblanc, but made for students. I have come across several and am always hearing about them through good folks like yourself who find them in all kinds of places.
I guess the important thing is that it was not considered a professional instrument and did not take much of a place in the pantheon of innovative clarinetistic ideas.
Leblanc however made some superior clarinets, really great. They(Leblanc) were just sold to Conn-Selmer
best regards, sherman friedland


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