A return to the clarinet, time to celebrate, and get the bubbles out

At 68, I have taken up the clarinet again after not playing for over 40 years. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a teacher in my area who was willing to take an older pupil, so I had to resort to teaching myself. However, I am happy with my progress, and practising gives me a lot of pleasure. BUT I have a problem which I never had in my youth, and for which I can find no advice on the Internet. After about ten minutes playing, the instrument gets a bubbly sound. I have traced the cause to build up of moisture between the reed and the sides of the mouthpiece table. If I take take the reed out and dry it and the mouthpiece, my lovely clarinet tone comes back. Does anyone know of this problem and a possible cure, or must I resign myself to being an old man who can’t help slobbering into the mouthpiece?

Thank you very much for your note. This is a typical problem for clarinetists of any age, and you simply take the condensation out of the mouthpiece by inhaling it out of the sides of the mouthpiece, for it is not anything but mostly condensation. Some have more than others, however with a little familiarization you get rid of it your self.(strong thin inhalation) Do not bother cleaning the mouthpiece.
Good luck and congratulations on the return to the clarinet.
best wishes, sherman


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