Replacing a stolen E13

I have recently purchased a Selmer Series 9 to replace
a stolen Buffet E-13 which I dearly miss.
My issue ithat the intonation in the Selmer’s throat tones are
ridiculously flat. I have adjusted pad height to no
avail. I find it had to believe that this is an
inherent quality to this horn. Do you have any
suggestions? I am ready to sell this horn and go back
to Buffet. Thank you for your time.
Thank you for the interesting note.
There are many different ways to respond because I have not heard you play and I do not know if the Selmer was purchased new or used.

That register is inherently sharp, if anything.If the tones are as you say really flat, no amount of pad height will change that, however the fact that it is flat is already strange because traditionally with this Selmer and most others prior to the Recital, the exact opposite is true if not so really sharp, but always one had to adjust on these notes on the selmer.
I would also exclude Yamaha and Opus.both of which seem to assiduously avoid the sharp throat.
Flat in the throat could be because the clarinet has been in some way tampered with(if used) or there is an extra long barrel because the former player had the opposite problem.
In that case, a short or moveable barrel could help solve the problem.
Funny thing is, although it may sound biased , the Buffet clarinet has a traditionally sharp throat register in general, to which you may have become accustomed.(if true)
So, in conclusion, I would certainly not return the clarinet as yet. There is always a period of adjustment with a different instrument and if you really loved the Buffet, the adjustment may be even more difficult. Sorry it got stolen.
best wishes, and good luck, sf


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