An older gentleman searching for crystal, hoping to find gold.

A clarinetist wrote asking for a more responsive mouthpiece, asking about crystal. I asked him waht he played on.———————————–
Thank you for your response. I play the Buffet Crompton R13 with a Vandoren B46 mouthpiece. I’m looking for possibly a crystal mouthpiece that takes less effort with more response if that is possible. I use a 2 1/2 Mitchell Lurie reed. I don”t have as much wind as I use to. Do you have any suggestions or should I pack it in?

Hi Joe:
Crystal will not necessarily do what you want, and no, you do not have to pack it in either.
The only thing you can do is to try Mitchell Lurie Crystal if they are still around, but in my opinion you ought to play a french-cut reed, which will give you more for your money, so to speak, even if they are more difficult to select.

Mitchell Lurie reeds die too quickly although they play well initially. The center of the reed is thinner.

Don’t try a bunch of different mouthpieces. It is much better to stick to one you have had, especially now, but if you feel the mouthpiece has changed, go to a place where you can try them. Try only ,perhaps 6, and then make your choice. Changing mouthpieces is very difficult. Please take my word for it, for it gives as much trouble as you can expect by increasing variables that much. All mouthpices differ, perhaps like fingerprints, so indeed do reeds

I would stick to VD to try. B45 is a bit more accepted than 46. I play M113(VD), which is a medium mp and quite lovely, and not too resistant.

Crystal can be beautiful. I had one, but they are difficult to find. You almost need another pair of ears. I had another pair: those of my wife, who heard me about to abandon a crystal, asked me what it was,….. then said, Keep it, and I did and it was wonderful. But that was then and this is now.

So, I hope I have been of some small help. Remember, don’t “pack it in”/



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