Returning to the fold

Dear Mr. Friedland,

I just spent an hour or so reading your website. It is very
inspiring…and sparked a fire that dwindled years ago. You see,
I used to be a pretty good clarinet student…eventually playing in
4-5 groups during a music minor. Anyway, after 15 years I
set down the instrument and have only rarely played in the
past 10 years.

Anyway, these days I am older and less distracted.
Here’s what I found in the closet: a Yamaha ycl-72, a WELL worn
Vandoren B45 mouthpiece, and a couple of boxes of (used)
Vandoren 3.5 reeds. Nothing has been ever been repadded,
oiled, etc. What would you recommend (at least on the
equipment side)?

>Hi John:
I would recommend that the 72 is a great instrument/used to be the top of
their line.I had a set. . Depends on where you live. If in a humid area,
nothing. Make sure the joints are not swollen or have shrunk. You may have
to get a box of reeds, but surprisingly, after a lifetime, sometimes they
play when they would not have fresh from the box.
I am excited for you, because it is a good horn. I first had a set of 62s
then a set of 72s as I recall because I used to have access to anything I
wanted to try for as long as I wished.
Thanks for your note, and good luck, start slowly, make sure your chops are
where they should be, and enjoy your clarenaissance.



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