Copland and Altissima, part 2

Mr. Friedland,

Recently, it came time for my jury review to check the progress I made
in my private instruction (the instruction is through my university, so
they like to make sure their money is well spent, and then give grades
accordingly). I performed for them the first half of the Copland
concerto and it came out beautifully (if I do say so myself). Thank
you again for the insights you gave. I found the exercise of extending
the range note-by-note and keeping even tone to be particularly
helpful. This combined with the fingerings my teacher offered and more
consistent breathing points helped me really perform the first
movement, instead of just get through it. Regards.


The above was sent to me after several comments made by me were used ,evidently to good benefit by the student. These are really a pleasure to read. The Copland is indeed a mountain to overcome, however it seems that this person has gone a good distance toward overcoming those mountainous heights.
sincerely, and with good holiday wishes to all……even non-clarinetists,
sherman friedland


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