“Picking it up”

Hi there! i was surfing the web and looking through various websites when
it seemed that i finally happened to stumble on the RIght one! I’ve read
your responses and was utterly amazed at how your approach to things was a
calm, rational response. In my case, i would propose the same idea, but not
psychologically imagine myself or slowing things down so that i’m just
focusing on two notes and etc.

I wonder if you’re a good judge on clarinets.

Lately, i’ve been looking at several clarinets, aka pawn shops, ebay….
mostly ebay =) and the runner ups that i’ve had are……

buffet e11 (overlyhyped and expensive, yet from many responses so far,
people say that buffet is the best) (yeah… and a very high resale value
too) But still 300-500 is a pretty pricy range for a clarinet. Not saying
that it’s out of price range and not hinting that it’s not worth the money.
It’s just that i want to land THE PERFECT instrument. So to speak. I was
section leader for clarinets in highschool my last year of high school, and
played a resonite (vito) clarinet. Which i found to be a very durable
school instrument (no i didn’t drop it or damage it OF any kind.) and found
that it was BETTER than the yamaha cl450 that my other 1st clarinet was
playing. I tested his out too, and found that the music seemed stifled and
not quite strident as my vito did. I used the same mouthpiece (b45)

oops forgot to list other instruments i was looking at.
Noblet 45 a clarinet.
Selmer soloist clarinet

basically the intermediate but not so much “big time players” of the
clarinet industry. Honestly i have no real clue about any of those
instruments because…. well i’ve never tried them! i mean i am a better
than average clarinet player and probably better than other rising clarinet
players that have had some lessons. I’m not trying to sound conceded, just
trying to figure out which clarinet would be best for me.

As a new college student, i want to start out with a clarinet that will blow
people’s minds.

to give you a better idea of my level of music: el camino real, sound the
bells are a few songs that i’ve played and thoroughly enjoyed.

having played or tried or owned every clarinet
manufactured, and played them professionally, perhaps I can make suggestions.
Now, first, a clarinet without a well known name may be good, very good, but
usually is not, and vice versa. Having said that we are reduced to the
common denominator: which are known to be the best?
The best clarinet by reputation is the Selmer soloist, although Yamaha and
Buffet are certainly in there. Leblanc makes an excelent instrument, however
extremely expensive. I played Opus for several years.
Yamahs are by reputation the best in tune, however they in general lack the
necessary resistance.
Buffest, the R13m have the best reputation, deservedly, maybe, maybe not. I
have layed many good and very bad, especially tuning.
Hope this helps.
You are using a good mouthpiece, so stick to it.
With the pieces you mentioned, better learn some repertoire and/or take some
lessons or you will be in for a perhaps a rude awakening in university.
But good luck in any case, sincerely, sherman friedland
no barrels/teacher first. Many years of teaching have shown me that you may
be very talented, although “picking it up” is simply not the same
as knowledge and discipline.
If you are going to buy for investment, be an investment banker, not a
clarinet player. There is no investment in a clarinet, only in studying ,
the Buffet E11 is a fair instrument only. The R13 is the one and you cannot
afford that.
You need a teacher or a model to copy.
Get a recording of whom you wish to copy and do it.
Artie Shaw, perhaps the most talented player, never had a lesson.
Benny had many.
Don’t go shopping for music, only for a sound, believe and trust me.. good

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